I Will Ignite You

“Igniting Hearts” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

I sense a holiness movement coming and with it, the fire and glory of God. For those who desperately hunger and thirst for more of God—for all of God—He will come and ignite you. He will consume all of you in His fiery love! All of Him for all we are…. 

For those who are hungry and willing to become living sacrifices in His presence, God will honor their sacrifice. He will strip away and consume all aspects of the carnal nature with the fire of His love. He will burn away things you thought defined you but were only an illusion, a twisting of your divine nature as a child of God. God’s fiery love will seek and consume any misaligned thoughts, behaviors, ideas, and any false sense of self within you. These patterns of being have come from generations of a false image of God reflected in the world and imprinted upon you.