Who We Are

Ignite Creative Arts is a collaborative that calls, equips, connects, and empowers visionaries and creatives in the kingdom of heaven. In the Book of Exodus, God gave Moses a vision for His tabernacle, and He chose gifted artisans who were filled with His Spirit to build that vision. Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is calling forth His visionaries and gifted artisans in the Body of Christ to take the blueprints of heaven and build them on Earth. And we're here to help you answer the call.

Stay tuned for news, resources, courses, and coaching designed to help you align and remain in the creative flow of the Holy Spirit!

Meet Our Founders

LaShawn Dobbs

Publishing Midwife

LaShawn is the founder of DiViNE Purpose Publishing. She is passionate about calling purpose forth in the lives of authors and seeing the kingdom of heaven released in the earth through literature. Through partnerships with other kingdom businesses and organizations, she desires to provide authors with the resources and tools they need to publish in excellence and reach their intended audience.

Elisa Eaton

Creative Transformation Coach

Elisa is the founder and principal of LC&E, a creative consultancy that provides award-winning graphic design, content creation, copyediting, grant writing, and creative coaching services. Elisa is passionate about stirring up both the spiritual and creative gifts in others and helping them remain in the flow of the Holy Spirit.